Compare And Find The Most Appropriate Insurance Products

Life insurance plan is the transaction of risk from one party to another in exchange for a premium and duty of care. It may also be called an agreement between two parties who make an agreement to compensate on wealth or property, uncertainty of life in exchange of an amount known as premium. Several years back the people of India were not aware of the insurance policy. So, there were only a few life insurance agencies in the country. Even before that Life Insurance Corporation was the only insurance service provider in the country. But, today a large number of private agencies have plunged into this sector. So, there is a tough competition among the insurance service providers to draw customers towards them. This competition among them has led to the emergence of new and striking insurance plans. There are two kinds of Insurance schemes in India, which are known as general insurance and life insurance. When it is a life insurance it covers children’s education, wealth creation, life protection, retirement plan etc. The general insurance covers fire and marine related risk to home, business and other properties. Miscellaneous category covers business and risk mitigation, insurance of property, factories, building, motor vehicles, home assets, air planes, flats and its contents, travel related accidents and losses, fidelity insurance of key employees, personal accidents etc.

Insurance companies in India are working tremendously to cover the insurance market in the country with exhaustive plans and products. There are more than 14 big insurance companies in the country with multiple products and services for the target customers. It is required to do life insurance comparison prior to applying for any kind of insurance. The select category of plans are totally dependent upon the respective customer’s needs and requirements that suit him best individually. For any category of plan an applicant can do the life insurance comparison of all the existing big companies. This task of comparison becomes easier if it is done online. Doing this task online becomes hassle-free because one need not visit the agents’ offices in person to learn in details about each of them and their products. This mode even minimises the efforts on the part of the customers and saves their time as well.

The performance and the cost of the products of an insurance company determine the choice of the customers. There is a cut-throat competition among the insurance companies in India to provide the best services to their target customers. As a result, it becomes easier on the part of the prospective customer to find the most appropriate plan via life insurance comparison. You may like the products like Life long policy, Easy life plus, Life bond and Life Plus, Life shield etc., belonging to the Aviva life insurance. The products of the ICICI Lambard and Kotak Platinum are also well know in the insurance market.

As regards health insurance, in India the awareness of health has increased over the years, but in action it is still low. The strength of the population which can afford the high cost of medical bill is very small in the country. For the majority, borrowing the wanting cash from friends and relatives is very common. Such circumstances call for health insurance which cover health related issues.

Health care expenditure is very high in India, and very often it is not negotiable. Therefore, it is very important for the people to remain prepared to counter such health related emergencies. There are indications of this situation going still worse with the rise in life-style disease in the country. In India you can find a large number of people who do not save enough for medical emergencies despite the awareness. According to the records of NSSO, 40 % of the people hospitalised in India either borrow the medical expenses or sell their assets to meet the expanses. It has been observed that health insurance is the most appropriate way to tackle the expanses related to health care.