Prove Your Importance With Individual Health Insurance Policy

Individuals are the building blocks of our society and hence form the most basic structure for normal societal working. Given the high risk lifestyle that has been adopted by us today, there have been constant threats to an individual. The kind of clockwork lives we spent, especially in the big metro cities, is extremely dangerous. In a competitive, high pressure working environment, time is of crucial nature. With young individuals opting for long shift jobs for their financial incentive, we face a growing challenge. Several individuals working across various industries such as hospitality, event management, research and the outsourcing sectors have a very different working schedule. Today, the average time an Indian spends on his job is more than 25% of the entire day.

Such a lifestyle eventually takes a toll on the individual health and converts the body home to various illnesses and diseases. Due to time catching up, there has also been a growth in the number of accident cases on the roads each day. In order to save time on the clock, people have grown negligent in their outlook. It is therefore very critical to have a life insurance policy that caters to the needs at the time of any medical emergency.

Components of Individual Health Insurance PolicyThe health insurance policy for individuals has various components that make for a holistic plan of insurance. You can choose the various time periods, payment options and details and conditions based on individual requirements. There are personal health insurance plans that can be customized according to your needs as well. These policies cover all possible aspects and avenues including individual’s medical and financial needs and requirements.

Benefits of a Personal Health Insurance various benefits that can be derived from such a health insurance policy are abundant. When every individual of the family is separately insured, the timely payment and other help come much faster. Also, the individual insurance plan gives you access to a 24×7 health helpline which seeks to answer all your queries and questions and provide consultation round the clock. If you have a Health Insurance, you can avail the cashless facility at your nearest hospital, so quick arrangement of cash amounts is not required. The policy cover also provides individuals with an option of a health relationship program in which the policy holder is eligible to avail health services and products with the market value of up to 10% of the last premium value paid by them. Apart from covering pre and post surgery charges, personal health policies also cover treatment charges that are administered at home under the consultation and approval of the attending medical examiner. Tax benefits derived from individual health insurance is an added advantage for the policy holders.